Fast 2K


            I’d like to talk about a new product that we are now carrying in our store call Fast 2K. When I first saw this product I was interested in the potential uses. Fast 2K is an alternative to your bagged concrete cement mix.  In the past when using bagged concrete cement mix to set your fence posts you have to mix the concrete usually in a wheel barrow which also requires a water source. Then pour the concrete down the hole and then wait overnight for it to set before you start the rest of your construction on your fence.  Now with Fast 2K you no longer need to mix in a wheel barrow, have access to water or wait overnight for it to set. Fast 2K uses a chemical reaction to produce high strength dense foam that expands around the fence post and usually sets in 15 to 30 minutes after expanding, which means you could potentially finish your fence in a day. 


View the video below for the quick how to. (sorry for the sound quality, when it's fixed I'll post the new video)



Features of Fast 2k

   •  3lb bag=100lb cement

   •  1 bag sets a 4x4 Post in a 8 inch by 3 foot hole.

   •  No water required and ready to use.

   •  Mixes in just 30 seconds

   •  Expands to fill the post hole

   •  Sets posts in minutes

   •  High strength alternative to concrete

   •  Ideal for All types of Posts


If you are interested in Fast 2K or come see us at McLeod Home Building Center and ask one of our helpful staff about Fast 2K or any other fencing products.